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Many witches exist nowadays, each of them unique in their own way. But what they all have in common is that they have a guardian angel, who visits them in their dreams and guides them throughout their life, trying to lead them to the right way as much as possible. Many angels have a passionate wish to protect their witches, as if they were their children (even though they technically kinda are).

Well, to many, yes. Except for one, whose wish is just wanting a certain guardian angel to love them, despite of them being annoying little pieces of crap.

Join Soleil, an overprotective guardian who gets her supposedly relaxed day ruined by a hopeless romantic!


A Guardian's Wish is a visual novel (but a little more interactive than a usual one, per se) that will be a midquel to something bigger coming soon.

In this game, there are...

- Two endings

- Custom made parallax maps and sprites

- Low-quality humor

- A Bonus Room that includes more info about the characters and an author's note




Yanfly Engine 


Hudell Tales



Atelier Rgss



Chad Crouch




This game is rated R-15 due to containing implications of alcohol abuse and mild profanity. 

Install instructions

When downloading the .zip file, be sure to extract it in order to access the files!

**Also, if you notice any large bugs/grammatical/spelling errors, let me know in the comments! Feedback is very appreciated!**


A Guardian's Wish.zip 185 MB

Development log


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how do you use this i'm still stuck on the walking part 

might be a little stupid

(1 edit)

I'm not sure which specific walking part you're at, but....try interacting with other people; that'll help with proceeding with the story

No, this is such a big mood lol Finally figured out that the lower part leads to another room that you press enter to go into.

cloud said 'oh worm'

and i felt that.

jokes aside!!! i love this vn to bits?? their designs are so unique, and the colors used are so pleasing to me and just. aaagh,, love it. <3


aaaa, thank you so much!!! i'm so glad that you enjoyed it a lot!! <333

Looks great! :)

Thank you! ^_^

Very cute and I'm looking forward to your future plans with this world ^.^

Thank you so much!!